Campaign for The Hub

The Hub is an ambitious project that will transform the first floor into an innovative new area for adult patrons. Renovations are well underway.  We’re reconfiguring almost all of the first floor, updating furniture and lighting, increasing capacity for public computers, adding new technology, and creating a Community Room for programs and events. Best of all, we’re establishing a café in the heart of White Plains. Digital media has changed the way people read, learn and share information; the improvements we’re making now will strengthen the Library for years to come.

The Hub is funded through a unique public – private partnership.  A $1 million commitment, received through a transformational anonymous gift was matched by $1 million in funding from the City of White Plains. The Foundation is raising an additional $500,000, and we’re more than three-quarters of the way towards this goal.

It’s not too late to join the roster of Hub supporters!  

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Thank you.

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